Accounting for Your Every Need

We specialize in tax and accounting issues which affect closely held businesses and individuals.

Don’t be misled by companies whose main source of revenue is not generated from providing accounting and tax services and who practice accounting January through April of each year.

We are a full service accounting firm which bills for advice and services, not sells products or receives commissions from other sales. We look out for your best interests and are a great countercheck against aggressive or unscrupulous insurance agents, salesmen and financial planners.

Our services begin with the pre-planning of your year end tax filing. We don’t just fill in the numbers. We specialize in helping you reduce your tax liabilities instead of just reporting them.

We are also available throughout the year to meet and discuss any issues relating to your tax, accounting or financial needs. We do not charge for telephone calls or consultations once you become a tax client of our Firm. We want to help address your questions and concerns throughout the year before you make those critical decisions. We hope that we can provide a viewpoint free from the bias of a person who has a strong financial incentive to complete the transaction in the manner they suggested.

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